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Get into the big game at a local watch party

Oct 27, 2023

Professional football kicks off another exciting season days after Labor Day. That's a reason to rejoice for the tens of millions of diehard fans who can't wait to see their favorite players take to the gridiron this season.

Among the joys of the football season are the numerous opportunities to get together with friends and fellow fans to cheer on a favorite team. Outside of the stadium, there's no better gathering spot to watch the big game than a local bar or restaurant. The excitement of game day only grows when watching the action alongside dozens of fellow fans, so this season marks the perfect time to get into the big game at a local game watch. Bars and restaurants hold such events each week of the season, and novices should know that there's many reasons to make a game watch part of their game day routine.

* Let someone else handle the cooking - Food features prominently on game day, and that can make the day a little tiresome for hosts who like to man the grill or smoker for guests. When attending a game watch at a local bar or restaurant, fans can indulge in their favorite foods without having to make it themselves. That leaves more time to watch the big game and socialize with friends and fellow fans.

* Watch more than one game - The legalization of sports betting in many areas has generated greater interest in football, and that stretches beyond the local teams. Millions of fans now have a vested financial interest in multiple games each weekend, making a local bar or restaurant an ideal place to catch all the action.

* Meet fellow fans - During the pandemic, millions of fans had to confront the cancellation of various sporting events and attendance restrictions at local stadiums that greatly limited how many people could watch their favorite teams in person. Those events reminded fans just how much they love their favorite teams and gathering with fellow fanatics. A game watch at a local bar or restaurant provides a great opportunity to meet fellow fans and get together with old friends.

* Save money - Food and drink specials are par for the course at game watch events hosted at local bars and restaurants. That's a great way to save, and the cost of attending a game watch is likely considerably less than heading to the stadium to see a favorite team in person. Data from the secondary market ticket seller SeatGeek indicates the average ticket price for a National Football League game is $151, which does not include parking, transportation-related costs to and from the game (i.e., tolls and gas) or food and drink at the game.

Game watches connect millions of sports fans each year. Fans can make the most of what figures to be another exciting football season by spending game day at a watch party hosted by a local bar or restaurant.